April Spiel Prom Photos

A buddy of mine and his wife had me out to the Granite Curling Club in gloomy Seattle a couple weekends back for their annual Bon Spiel. I'd often heard amazingly debaucherous/revelrous stories and when they said, 'we got this annual prom thing we do and wonder if you'd like to do photos,'  I jumped at the opportunity.

april spiel prom plate

Gotta admit I absolutely love the image above. To me, there's a semi-presence to the whole thing that is as much of a portrait of the night as any other image might have been of the attendees.

crotch chopping

Back when I graduated from Art School, my first job out was working for a high school picture place in Memphis, TN called Jimmy Alford Studios. Saw a host of crazy things then, and Benj (above) brought those memories flooding back.

The lad couldn't hear much of my direction on account of 1) the loud music and 2) the associated fog brought on by adult beverages.

disco ball head

Of the funny things said, the most notable quote of the night was "my drinking team has a curling problem." Enough of one I'd say to warrant an attack on the hapless disco ball that wore the battle scars in the form it's missing glassed sections.

tying balloons off

Much thanks to Granite Curling Club and all who allowed me to take their photos. . . god only know what mistakes were made that evening.

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