My portrait of Sean Penn

Or rather the back of him. . .

He seemed like the nicest guy as I stupidly blurted out 'Hey Sean Penn,' meatballs billowing from my agape mouth. It was honest and without airs. He grinned and said, 'hey man' and threw his forefinger up thus allowing me to continue devouring the bucket of food in my lap.

I could've run over and got a picture with him, but there's so much of that stuff. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to, but respect people's space and respect the swagger. He's a dude just like me, and it was enough to be able to see him in the flesh.

I guess it'd be like seeing a dodo bird OR hanging out in Jurassic Park all day taking pictures from the safari van.

I've met a fair amount of 'famous' types, and each time I think to myself 'you look nothing like X.' Robert Downey Jr. is in fact 4 feet tall. Sarah Palin is 'human' and not a fire-breathing dragon as many suggest. Sean Penn on the other hand looked exactly as I'd expect him. . .

I feel like the image above is fitting as he's just walking the Earth - working for the cause while high-fiving folks along the way. Then on the weekends, he just kicks ass on the silver screen.

More always,