A Regular Picasso Up in Here

I'll have some very exciting posts regarding recent assignments/projects up very soon, but this update comes on the art show front.

My work was recently shown at What if. . . in Chicago alongside such talented folks as Ryan SchudeLauren Randolph and a host of others - some of which were from the Phoot Camp contigency I was recently a part of. Thanks to Mr. Paul Octavious (love that series of his with spinning LP's) for the invitation.

I showed a diptych consisting of my 'loaded,' hand-forged-from-paper baked potato alongside my play-doh steak. You know, meat and potatoes go together. Seemed to have been a fun night with great art and drunk gingerbread men dancing. . .

My image of Joseph, the Illusionist is also on view at a group show called 'Food' at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Colorado. It was curated by Mr. David Bram of Fraction Magazine (that's my image in the top left corner).

Oh. . . and if you're in Seattle, swing by Jackstraw Filaments on 1st Avenue to see some more of my work.

More always,