Lately - The Last Few Months

I've been running around quite a bit as of late. In honor of Labor Day, thought I'd pull some of my favorite images from the last few months for the loyal readership to peruse - maybe get a chuckle or two out 'em. Here we go. Gabrielle's House - Wallingford, Seattle.

Down by the Water - Magnuson Park, Seattle.

Gail and her fancy note-taking abilities - Varsity Inn, Seattle.

Apple Lisa Computer - RE-PC, Seattle.

Ecuador vs. Mexico Game - Qwest (now CenturyLink) Field, Seattle

Wall in Seattle - Lake Union, Seattle.

Prep for Phoot Camp - The Lab (aka my Studio), Seattle.

The Sticky (w/ Laura Healy for Seattle Met Feature) - The Lab (aka my Studio) Seattle.

Spadaccini's Pad - Capitol Hill, Seattle.

Pretty Pink Packing Peanuts (Reprise. . . I did an art project with these back in the day) - Kill Room, Seattle.

Jim Pridgeon's Studio - Bldg 11, Seattle.

Proscenium Stage - Bldg 11, Seattle.

Dinner with the Quadd's - Captiol Hill, Seattle.

NYC Daze - NYC, NY.

Tara aka "T-bone" of Thom Browne - NYC, NY.

Our lighting is otherworldly and defies physcis - Studio in SODO, Seattle.

Saw my first Sounders Game - Qwest (now CenturyLink) Field, Seattle.

I shot Charlie Sheen - International District, Seattle.

Those New Duct Tape Nikes finally dropped - Breezeway, Seattle.

Way to get born USA - Northgate, Seattle.

The World - Convention Center, Seattle.

Summer Wedding Duds - Arboretum, Seattle.

Lowriders - Magnuson Park, Seattle.

Knoxville, TN


Porn in the South (Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops Catalogs)

Washington, DC (Reagan Airport?)

Parking Lot - Washington, DC.

Spoiled kid picking his boogers - In-the-air, DC to MSP.

Display and Costume - Northgate, Seattle.

Metaphor for sumpthin' - Bldg 11, Seattle.

Lindsey Watkins prepping Andrea Clinkscales for 'Can't Look Away' Branding imagery - SIFF Theater, Seattle.

Inflated Heart - Wedgwood, Seattle.

Red Green - University District, Seattle.

Photographer at Space Needle - Lake Union, Seattle.


Bags Pickup - Airport in Baltimore, MD.

At a Wal-Mart in Baltimore, MD.

The Hugest Crab Cakes Ever - Baltimore, MD.

At a party - Bellevue, WA.

Old Hand-painted Signage - Capitol Hill, Seattle.

John Galliano shopping at Costco - Shoreline, WA.

In n' Out Burger - San Diego, CA.

Our House (where Dogs are Cats and Cats are Dogs) - Wedgwood, Seattle.

Chateau Ste. Michelle (for Jeff Bridges concert) - Woodinville, Seattle.

My wife sneaking cookies at Chateau Ste. Michelle. . .

Phew. I'll have more posts very soon. Thanks for looking and enjoy the day off!