Seattle Met - C.R. Douglas interviewing Miniature Horses

Couple months back, I had the good fortune to photograph Seattle's favorite political reporter, C.R. Douglas, for Seattle Met magazine. 1113_dept_Quote_CRDouglas_web

In the article, he talks about having cultivated a knack for Q & A at 12 years old when he started interviewing fellow castmates on a popular TV series that ran during the 80's.

After working his way up the public access circuit, he landed the position at Q13 Fox News as the station's lead political reporter.


Clearly, he's got a knack for putting most any guest at ease, and as I read his interview, I liked the idea of exploring how C.R. is a Pacific Northwestern'er through and through.


Seeing as how he never got to the opportunity to cover a state 4-H competition in say Fargo, North Dakota, we thought it a fun idea to give him a taste of what it might've been like working one's way up the 'local affiliate' circuit.


With sparse results coming back for 'miniature horse farm Seattle,' I found myself in internet chat rooms that sent me to places like this: HOOFWEB.COM

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 12.48.01 PM

Here's another favorite. . . GOTDONKEYS.COM

Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 12.48.29 PM

Was getting this 'dark underbelly' vibe there for a bit until I found Tracy of Flyin' G Farms who was willing to help.


Of the three miniature horses made available to us, C.R. and Chloe and just hit it off.


Like. . . really hit it off.


Thanks again to the folks at Seattle Met, Flyin' G Farms and to C.R. for being such a great portrait subject!


More soon,