Brendan Kennedy CEO of Leafly for Financial Times

Got a good three or so feet off the ground with the CEO of Seattle-based, Privateer Holdings (better known as Leafly). FT_Leafly_2014_098_web

In May of last year, I photographed Brendan and business partner, Michael Blue, for (you guessed it) Financial Times. Really loved what I got with them the first time, see it here on my website.

Shot the same day as the call, I had little time to prep. While a couple of battery packs charged in a vacant office, I focused on these little exchanges they'd make at each other like they were about to steal home plate.


It felt like a special kind of magic happened in the hour spent with those guys. Lit less dramatically than other business or finance projects, the approach was a welcome change of pace.

Flash forward to this, my first shoot in 2014, about ten days ago: thirty minutes of prep and thirty minutes to shoot.


The Leafly office had since swelled to accommodate more than forty employees, maybe more.

The parking lot that once held about tens cars less than a year ago, now had more than twenty-five of them all perfectly Tetris'ed into every bit of available parking area.

Brendan and his colleagues are at the forefront of a brave new world, so I felt it only fitting that he share his vision of the United States in ten years.


Don't want to give it all away but just expect most states to look some shade of green.


Here we are, shooting at the ceiling.


We got light-headed, so we sat down.


We said our AÅBC's.


Before heading outside, I let him sit down for a quick word with a colleague..

I took about eight shots of him there, and they went with the one above (or rather the one on their website).

Pulled him outside for this one, too:


Quote from my wife:

". . .it looks like the kind of portrait I'd put on a new kind of money."

Hmm. Stay tuned,