Snapchat Ghost Selfie - Adweek Cover and Feature Opener

01_0203_COVER_DigEd_web This is the Snapchat Ghost taking a Selfie concept for Adweek's annual Mobile issue which is currently in print.

A particularly fun one, it was conceived, shot and delivered in the space of about 60 hours.


For the cover, they were looking for something that featured a smartphone but blended communication with mobile with social with apps really well.


Instagram, Whisper and Snapchat were among the apps featured in the story, but I locked in on the Snapchat Ghost character as a good everyman figure.

Tuesday night doodling and Wednesday afternoon approvals yielded late night studio sessions that me shooting until about 1am, Thursday.


Adweek's Creative Director, Nick Mrozowski, had recommended shooting a photo-illustration for the app, Whisper, so I made him this quick comp.


Thought the portraits were nice.



Thanks to my Seattle crew, the folks at Adweek, and one of several right arms, Gretchen Hilmers, who helps me get these concepts and visions out the door.




More soon,