Jermaine Kearse of the NFL Champion Seahawks for Seattle Met

Jermaine Kearse I had the distinct honor of photographing Jermaine Kearse, wide receiver for the NFL Champion Seattle Seahawks, for the cover of Seattle Met Magazine.


Out now on newsstands, the shoot took place at the Seahawks famed VMAC, an impressive practice facility that's also home to the organization's administrative offices. . . oh, and the Vince Lombardi trophy!


As I made my way out the door from a technical scout the day before my shoot on July 29th, a nice video crew from ESPN had just wrapped some behind-the-scenes footage with the prized trophy.

As my eyes adjusted to the beautiful shimmering before me, my point person from the Hawks said, "Mike, you want to take some snaps, right?!"

The Lombardi Trophy

*Note: I'd like to thank the anonymous dude that had the presence of mind to capture my absolute befuddlement with just how wild a ride 2014 has been thus far (bonus points that he had not a clue on how to focus my camera).

In addition to the technical set we were building for Jermaine on the indoor practice field for the cover component of the project, the feature demanded we shoot a bit of reportage, too.

Michael Clinard Doodle

With that in mind, I set about crafting one of my trademark doodles to visually depict the production from a bird's-eye view to better direct the assistants and production associates I was teaming up with on this project.

BTS Photo from Michael Clinard

Once the lighting design was set, my three-man team and I made our way to the outdoor field to capture the lore of the The 12th Man during the unprecedented all-access media event / training camp the Seahawks hosted on that now magical day back in July.


Michael Clinard Photography

Stay tuned for an accompanying blog post that dissects my near two-week odyssey shooting the spirit of the 12th Man, Cannonball and the rest of the team's legion of Superfans.

My continued thanks to Jane, James, Matt and the rest of the good folks at Seattle Met for a killer assignment!

More soon,