Two short audio visual pieces to describe the vibe, 2015.

Spent an absolutely magical Thanksgiving holiday in Scottsdale, AZ going deaf with close family members in this acoustically-superior minivan. **WARNING - THIS IS A VERY LOUD AND TRILL LOOK INTO THE DARK MAGIC OF HAVING KIDS. ADJUST MINDS AND DECIBEL LEVELS ACCORDINGLY FOR THE NEXT THIRTY SECONDS.**

Lastly, here's a serious darkstep track I recorded in open air last night off of a water pail since even the rain got spirits where we living.

Fridays with Zana, 2015.  

Fridays with Zana, 2015.  

The montage below showcases some of the time-based, self-portrait studies I've been debuting on my social media channels.

These portrait studies are made in-camera with various materials that hold a certain personal and familial significance to the artist. I've been working out some bracketing techniques on my Hasselblad medium format digital system over the last couple months, but I'm now ready to exercise the approach out in the field. In the coming weeks, I intend to start proofing the project in 4x5 color transparency and black and white sheet film with an array of technical box cameras and pinholes.